Who we were and who we are

BreadCycle was created when several friends began discussing practical solutions to reduce food waste. They saw that small food retailers in Amsterdam were wasting seemingly inconsequential amounts of food that all told, added up to a great deal. The solution they found was to provide a simple logistical link between these suppliers and those in Amsterdam who are most in need. 

They began reaching out to cafes, bakeries and restaurants, with the intention of forming a simple network between the suppliers and a local soup kitchen. Using a 70-liter backpack and a couple of bikes, two volunteers began bringing bread and pastries from several shops to the soup kitchen. As the initiative gained more attention, more people came forward to volunteer, slowly building on our base of supporters.

Since december 2017, BreadCycle is officially a stichting and is named Stichting BreadCycle.

In fall 2017 the first plans came up to a project that could solve some of the problems we were struggling with so far. With our old strategy we were often facing the problem that we had to deliver exactly that amount of food wich where left over at the bakery or veggie shop at this day. Many times we brought more or not even enough food than the people could eat. Therefore a solution must be a place where to store the food wich would come in from several places in order to deliver exactly the amount which was needed at the soup kitchen or group of people.

After some month of work wich was done in cooperation with De KasKantine we finally opened our new project De VoedselKringloop on 06 May 2018!

for more info visit: www.devoedselkringloop.org

Our Team

Former and founding team-members:

Spartak Grigoryev

Spartak is a graduate of the American University in Bulgaria with a dual Bachelors degree in Economics and Business Administration. Spartak is a co-founder of BreadCycle and former board member of the organization.

Nathaniel Baumgardner

Nate is a graduate of the American University in Bulgaria with a dual Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Journalism/Mass Communications. Nathaniel co-founded BreadCycle in 2014 and is supporting the management with his practical knowledge and as a former member of the board.


Job van der Linden

Job is a Masters student of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Utrecht. He is a climate activist out of conviction.  Job is operational manager for De VoedselKringloop

Jaap Söntjens

Jaap is a Bachelors student in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. He is a passionate environmental activist and enjoys photography and triathalon competitions in his free time. Jaap is the operational manager of BreadCycle and conducts food deliveries to our charity partners.

Lukas Nerl

Lukas is a German who is studying European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Lukas conducts Bread-deliveries from the Blaka-Watra soup kitchen to the organic digaster at the Lucas Community in Amsterdam-West.

Astraia Begeer

Astraia is volunteer manager for De VoedseKringloop

Board members:

Menno Hidajattoellah

Menno is a media entrepreneur living in the Jordaan district in Amsterdam with his wife and two children.

Jaap Söntjens (see above)

Job van der Linden (see above)